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Saudi ceramics
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Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility and Environmental Conservation

The company seeks to provide more opportunities for Saudis to work in their sites, and its role in Saudization is to attract Saudi employees. The company has been able to increase the number of Saudi employees to 1067 men and 35 women. They also offer women their own privacy in accordance to the Islamic law and Saudi regulations.

The company contributes in construction projects and establishing many mosques, worship places and Holly Quran schools, with providing the needs of such projects from the company’s products, including road mosques in Riyadh region. The company also offers cash donations to many charities as well as sponsoring committees of social development programs.

The company pays great attention to the cleanliness and improvement of the environment and invests in high-tech machines for waste recycling and return of products, as well as transporting raw materials inside the plants by using modern methods underground.

The company signed recently a contract with international companies specialized in the energy recycling field, allowing the company to re-use heat losses of some tile plant kilns to be recycled and used in the operation of some production lines and other equipment that need lower temperature, such as spray dryers and vertical dryers. Thus contributing to save energy from gas. As well as, cleanliness and environment improvement.