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Red Bricks

Saudi Ceramic Company is considered one of the largest leading companies in the kingdom, in the fields of ceramic and porcelain tiles manufacturing, sanitary wares and electric water heaters. It is ranked among the most important and leading companies in this field. Saudi Ceramic Company was established in Riyadh in 1977 AD. The company has gained its reputation by producing high-quality products.

The company established a red bricks factory in Dhurma governorate, nearby Riyadh; to meet the growing needs of construction activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition, the company uses the finest types of clay in red bricks production, while being careful with their products to meet the highest international standards. The plant’s production capacity is 330,000 tons per/year for the first phase and it is gradually increasing according to a program created by the company.

The company did not stop at the limits of manufacturing and providing high-quality products, yet they also developed an integrated distribution system, through which products can be delivered locally and internationally.

Not only this, Saudi Ceramic Company adopts a unique approach in updating, developing and expanding the red bricks plant. This ensures full easiness in accessing products with high quality and sustainable feature through preparing all levels of manufacturing processes with the latest international technology, by using the most recent equipment and machines; to update these manufacturing methods in the middle east.

As a result, we promise our dear customers that the red brick products of Saudi Ceramics will be an excellent pioneer in its domain, by using the latest equipment, manufacturing techniques and with our absolute commitment of using the best raw materials.

Saudi Ceramic Company aims to remain at the forefront and at the highest levels of mutual trust with our customers, who have put their trust in our products over these years. We look forward to offer the best products in this industry, through our superior red bricks plant.

Benefits of Red Bricks

Thermal Insulation: Saudi Ceramics Red Bricks are made of ceramic materials which have the ability to heat significantly that outperforms many other materials. It also provides about 40% of the average electrical energy used in both heating and cooling.

High-pressure bearing:Saudi Ceramics Red Bricks has three times more bearing capacity compared to other types of bricks used in construction, and can be used to build the foundation walls without creating columns.

Fire resistant: Saudi Ceramics Red Bricks are placed in special furnaces with a temperature of about 1000 ° C, which makes them more resistant to fire.

Moisture resistant: Saudi Ceramics Red Bricks has a low absorption rate of only 12%, so it is one of the best types of bricks used that prevents moisture.

Sound insulation: Saudi Ceramics Red Bricks has a high sound insulation ability.

Easy to implement: Saudi Ceramics Red Bricks are lightweight and well-spaced from the inside, which makes it easier to use in building constructions, plumbing extensions, and electrical installations.

Factory profile

The Red bricks factory of Saudi Ceramics is located in the governorate of Dhurma, near Riyadh city. The company extracts raw materials needed, from near mining sites in Dhurma governorate. In addition, mining sites features in containing plenty quantities of the finest types of natural sediments from soil and rock mud. This flexibility contributed in providing enough product, which indicates high quality. As a result, we promise our dear customers that the Red Brick products of Saudi Ceramics will be a pioneer in its domain.  By using the latest equipment, manufacturing techniques and with our absolute commitment of using the best raw materials.