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Saudi ceramics
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Road Markers
Ceramic road markers (CRM)
General information:

Saudi Ceramic Company manufactures its reflective and non-reflective CRM in two colors, White and Yellow. The main use of these products is the marking of city roads and streets for traffic lanes, shoulders, directional arrows, etc.

Applications :

CRM can be used as a better alternative for paint on streets and roads inside cities.

For example
  • Marking for traffic lanes and road shoulders.
  • Directional signs and arrows.
  • Speed breaker bumps.
  • Car park lanes and signs.
Advantages of CRM :
  • It does not harm vehicle tires due to their smoothness, unlike other products which damage tires.
  • Their color does not deteriorate due to climate conditions or traffic.
  • It lasts for many years against only a few months for paint.
  • It does not require continuous maintenance and is cost-effective.
Packing :
  • In carton boxes of 46 pieces each
  • On shrink wrapped pallets of 56 boxes each, weight of pallet approximately 868 kgs.
Methods of installation :

CRM should be installed by using a special type of adhesive according to project specifications which is usually available in the local market. For installation, we recommend the following :

  • Position of CRM must be dry and clean before installation.
  • CRM must be fixed on a flat surface.
  • For better results, we advise to scrape off 2-3 mm of the top layer of the asphalt, in case this layer is too smooth.